Boat Instrument App

His company is named Indepth Navigation and is located in St. Margaret’s, Nova Scotia. Navigation for sailors has always been a problem because most GPS chartplotters only calculate a coarse in a straight line. These are the most common charts used for coastal navigation. Charts can be used offline. Once the data is downloaded it can be use offline. This includes offline charts, Active Captain, cloud backup, real time weather and tides. Skipper provides the Active Captain database within the app. You will need an Active Captain log in and password to activate the database in the Settings menu. Active Captain provides this service for free to app developers to promote the use and provide value to it’s users. Once you will use the software, you will yourself experience the difference! The Graph button will save the wind data. Make sure to have the Synch/Backup Data button turned on in the Skipper Account Settings menu.

Skipper has incorporated a lot of the required features to make it a first class marine app. The SailTimer app now provides a marine chart display, complete with Waypoints, Tracking, points of interest, GPS realtime tracking and of course the calculation of the optimal tacking route. When you pan around on the chart the weather and tide data changes to the area that you have centered on the chart. The app has incorporated some robust weather features. Apart from a few problems which I am sure will be resolved with future updates, I could see myself using this app a lot while coastal cruising. I had a few issues with the app crashing when I selected Add Base Maps and when I deleted a track on the iPad version. This app enables you to check and control the features that children should have access to, to track their location, and many other functions. SpyMyFone is a leading web-based phone spy service for parental control and tracking locations of family members. The customer service system they have in place is overwhelmed.

Along with having details about the product, its features, tutorials, FAQs, guides, etc. also have information about the company, its location, and availability of support. The information provided goes through a validation process to make sure some mean spirited people are not submitting garbage data. You might think that you can make your phone safer by adding antivirus software. Many of us sailors have been looking for a way to determine the optimal tacking angles to maximize speed and make headway upwind. If you are used to using your iPhone or seeing your iPhone to ensure if anyone sends a message to you, you may have the iPhone addiction, which is very dangerous. You can view all the message on the monitored device. There are two ways to access parental controls on Google Play devices, depending on how you have set up your child’s device. Google maps and road maps are available free.

You have the option to decide which values are displayed where among the eight different displays. Select the Weather option at the bottom of the screen to show wind direction, wind speed, temperature, humidity, visibility, 5 day forecasts and tides are from the nearest weather station. Additional weather data can be accessed by tapping the menu arrow on the left center of the screen. The language can be changed in the Settings Menu. Menu options for Instruments, Weather, Routes and Settings appear. Tap and hold you finger on any of the readings and the options for the instrument settings appear as spinner wheels. There appears to be no way to get my boats NMEA instrument data to the app over WIFI. It is that time when I must put away my boats and give in the the change of the seasons. You can buy the app for just 99 cents and give it a try.

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