How To Set Parental Controls On IPhone/iPad?

At any time, you can remove or add items as you see fit. Many recreational boats now have AIS B receivers and transponders to add this level of safety. The iAIS app can still be used to display AIS targets even if you don’t have any Navionics charts. 9.99 a user can then display AIS targets in the app on their Navionics marine charts. The targets can then be selected to display more information about their identity, speed and course. The third page in the iAIS app is the Instrument display page. You can also manage a child’s access to third party apps, which will let them connect their Microsoft account to other websites or apps (much like people do when they use their Facebook login to access other websites). I am constantly looking for apps that provide value and unique features to share with the boating world. learn more ’s strongly recommended by millions of customers across the world.

Comcast customers enjoy over 275 cable channels, as well as added extras like their Video-On-Demand service, with over 10,000 titles currently available. Do you find AIS useful as an added safety feature? You can also find a large number of spy and monitoring apps for your iPhone. These are few highlights of TiSPY Parental Monitoring Mobile Software. The main purpose of this software is typically designed for monitoring your children, corrupt employees and unfaithful spouses. Digital Yacht continues to provide innovative and useful hardware and software application for the geeky connected boater. Selecting the target, in this case the yacht Vantage, shows all the information from that yacht. This screen shot shows the Navionics charts with an AIS targets displayed. We will show you how to set parental controls on an iOS device running on both iOS 11 and below and iOS 12. iOS 12 does have a new feature called Screen Time. You simply log into the iAIS app with your Navionics account and you then have access to your Navionics charts in the iAIS app.

This data can then be use to determine if you and the boats around you are on a collision course. All of this data can then be used to determine if these targets may be on a collision course with your yacht. This data can then be used to determine if your yacht is on a collision course. Once you are all set up the instrument data from you yacht will be available on your iPhone or iPad. Data such as course, heading, speed, bearing, call sign, MMSI type of yacht, destination and position. A wide variety of up to 20 different instrument data types can be displayed including location, wind speed and direction, satellite data, course, speed and position data. The app will display a variety of instrument data if your yachts instruments are connected to a WiFi enabled router. Select the gear icon in the upper right of the display to enable the different instrument and data displays. This system allows boaters to identify others yachts around them and get valuable information like speed and course data. How do we get this additional NMEA data to your mobile device? On board your boat there are probably a host of instrument running either NMEA 0183 or 2000 protocols.

Works with your yachts NMEA 2000 network devices. While boating, a cell or network signal may not always be available, so the charts have to reside on the device to make it usable. What maps would it have? Each of these pages have Settings pages to adjust the values associated with them. The iAIS app has four main pages, Plotter, Targets, Instruments and Settings. I have purchased Navionics charts for my Navionics Boating app so those charts are available to use with the iAIS app. In my blog I have a whole page devoted to GPS devices to power your iThing. If you have an iPhone or iPad with 3G an assisted GPS chip should be onboard. They recently teamed up with Navionics to allow users who have already purchased Navionics electronic marine charts to use that subscription on other apps. In their latest news release they have teamed up with Navionics to allow you to use the charts you have already purchased to display AIS data in their iAIS app. WiFi connectivity can be set up using the TCP/IP icon in the upper left of the Instrument display setup.